6 Apartments with Penthouse – DA5152201A


On a small 70ftX100ft plot (21mX30m), construct 6 Apartments each with 2 bedrooms each with its own attached bathroom and a 3 bedroom ensuite Penthouse. An additional guest toilet/ WC for each apartment. 12 parking spaces (7 vehicle weather protected parking) and a laundry room on 4 livable floors.

Watch the YouTube video here

Available for download immediately upon purchase in PDF and DWG formats

Floor Plan available in metric system and imperial system (coming upon request):

  • Total Floor Area = 1508sqm/ 16230sqft
  • Ground Floor Area = 523sqm/5630sqft
  • Apartment Area = 131sqm/1411sqft
  • Penthouse Area = 268sqm/2885sqft

Download the sample file here

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