• 12 Apartment 2 Bedroom Design DA32202A

      BASIC Metric Design
      DETAILED Metric Design

      On a small 100X100 plot, construct 12 Apartments each with 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms accessible through a corridor and 1 ensuite as a single block on three floors. A 15 vehicle parking spaces are available with space for guest vehicles and outdoor seating.

      Available for download immediately upon purchase in PDF and DWG formats

      Floor Plan available in metric system and imperial system (available upon request):

      • Total Floor Area = 762qm/ 8200sqft
      • Ground Floor Area = 301sqm/3240sqft
      • Apartment Area = 46.1sqm/496.2sqft

      View a VR version of the house here

      View a 360 YouTube video of the house here

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