• 3 Apartment 2 Bedroom Design DA43202A

      BASIC Metric Design
      BASIC Imperial Design
      DETAILED Metric Design
      DETAILED Imperial Design

      On a small 40X60 lot/ plot, construct 3 Apartments each with 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms accessible through a corridor and 1 ensuite. There is one 2 BHK apartment per floor. 3 vehicle parking spaces are available with space for outdoor weather protected garbage collection.

      Available on back-order for download of PDF and DWG formats

      Floor Plan available in metric system and imperial system (available upon request):

      • Total Floor Area = 555sqm/ 5974sqft
      • Ground Floor Area = 111sqm/1195sqft
      • Apartment Area = 80sqm/861sqft

      View a VR version of the house *coming soon*

      View a 360 YouTube video of the house here

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