• 1 Bedroom Low Cost Starter House DA11101A

      BASIC Metric Design
      DETAILED Metric Design

      On a 50X100 plot, construct a 1 bedroom house. With an indoor bathroom, kitchenette and small dining area. The living room has access to a balcony. 3+ vehicle parking space with a backyard balcony access.

      This tiny single bedroom house features floor to ceiling door and windows to make it as airy and open as possible. It also has solar panels, water tanks and air conditioning units integrated in the design.

      Available for download immediately upon purchase in PDF and DWG formats

      Floor Plan available in metric system:

      • Total Land Area (used in video and photos) = 450sqm/ 1500sqft
      • Total Floor Area = 32.5sqm/ 350sqft

      What the video on YouTube here

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