Zeleke’s 4 Apartments – Ethiopia

Project year
26 November, 2022
Hilda + Architectural Team
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This residential apartment design was commissioned by 4 friends who wished to lower the cost of construction by combining resources and facilities. The apartment block sits on a 10mX20m lot in Ethiopia.

The ground floor contains shared parking for 4 cars + 5 motorcycles. The ground floor also contains the septic tank that is buried under the parking lot.

There is a staircase leading to the 4 floors above, each floor with a 3 bedroom apartment. Each apartment has its entrance from a naturally light and ventilated stairway.

The living room, dining and kitchen are in an open plan layout. There is a large front facing balcony from the living room and a separate balcony from the kitchen, the kitchen balcony is designed for laundry and cooking with a belfast sink, washer and dryer machine outlets and charcoal stove platform. 

The 2 kids bedrooms, each 13sqm/ 130sqft) have their own wardrobes and large windows. There is a shared bathroom serving the kids bedrooms and the guests. The master bedroom (12sqm) has its own wardrobe and is self-contained. Along the corridor is a storage room.

Size of the lot
0 sqm
Per apartment
0 Beds
Total floor area
0 sqm



“From me and my friends, thank you so much DPRO and team.”

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