Simply Village House – Uganda

Project year
02 July, 2022
Hilda + Architectural Team
Luweero, Uganda
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This design is a modern simple village house in Uganda, designed to accommodate two bedrooms. The building dimensions are 64sqm/ 690Sqft within an eco friendly environment. The house has two bedrooms with large modern sliding windows and a common bathroom, a living room and space for storage..

The main entrance of the house is through the living room with a large sliding door.

Considering the accient village life in Uganda, parents used to make meals with their children traditionally preparing them for the future, so our client considered an outside porch at the back of the house for making family meals. The house also has a porch at the front for relaxing and story telling.

An outside washroom was considered with a pit latrine and bathroom separate. The house has a very spacious eco friendly compound large enough for family gatherings. The water supply into the house is through a well sunk in the compound.

0 sqm
Toral Floor area
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“I love the simplicity.”

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