Morrice Ambaisi’s Commercial Building – Kenya

Morrice Ambaisi
Project year
20 January, 2022
Evans + Architectural Team
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The project is a development in Kenya for a commercial building fitted on a 130m by 50m lot. The ground floor has 13 shops mirroring each other with access to the balcony and large doors for proper aeration, lighting and easy movement of shoppers.

There is a spacious hallway enable easy movement and access to the shops. The floor accommodates 6 washrooms, 3 for ladies and 3 for gents.

The first floor has two bars, 2 large and a small shops, washrooms typical to the ground floor and kitchen a large hall way between the shops and a balcony typical the the ground floor. The second floor is typical to the ground floor.

The building has a hidden roof which supports water tanks to supply water into the building.
The client considered First floor to have the most clear view of outside for the customers with a round balcony on both floors.

0 sqm
Toral land area
0 sqm
Total Floor Area
0 car
Parking space



“The plan is good, am impressed with your layout”
Ambroise Morrice Ambaisi

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