Greta Star Primary School

Greta Star Junior Sch
Project year
07 July, 2022
Architectural Team
Kyetume, Uganda
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Greta Star is a conceptual plan of a school with 6 floors, set to achive a high starndard of requirements set for school to run smoothly. The plan accommodates from the ground floor to the 5th floor to mention about 23 classrooms large enough specified capacity of pupils, ample parking space for picking and dropping of the pupils ,a swimming pool with a safety cover, a play area with enough amenities , enough office space for the teachers and special self-contained bedroom for the teacher on duty.

A security room for the guard on duty, a chapel to have prayers, a dinning room for serving meals , a library, a staffroom on every floor, a computer laboratory, a sick bay and an isolation room, staff washrooms and pupils for male and female separate and the 6th floor has two separate self-contained houses, one bedroom with a living room and kitchenette.
The plan accommodates a number of ways to access the building which also favours the disabled, that is a ramp, stairs and elevator. The kitchen is detached from the main building to minimise fire risks as per Ministry of Education and Sports regulations . The school including the parking lot, play area and emergency spaces are seated on half an acre of land in Kyetume Village along Gayaza Road in Wakiso in Uganda.
0 sqm
Size of the lot/ 0.5 Acres
0 classrooms
With 25 pupils each
0 sqm
Play Area + Swimming pool



“You created a beautiful space conscious design”
Steven • CFO, Greta Star J.S.

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