Why Your E-commerce Business is Not Making Any Money

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Why Your E-commerce Business is Not Making Any Money

Many e-commerce business owners do no make any money from their websites until they learn what I am about to share. I know this because I was there, I didn’t make ANY money with my first website. And here’s why.

I never knew the workings of the Internet, how to make for my Small business online.

In this article today, am going to s break down the common reasons most e-commerce websites, including yours, are not making the money owners expect.

1. You’re focusing on display ads

The easiest way and fastest way for small business owners to an online is to sell advertising space.

many small-business owners would like to unlatch amounts of Revenue as social media networks do but they forget one thing that these social media networks have a lot of users and Visitors by daily basis

these ads a typically called display ads. You want to put a few up and know for sure you are going to get paid per click. Right?

Nope. Not quite. Display ads do bring in money though you need a tonne of viewers before you can earn a comfortable amount of revenue

Display ad earnings can be standardised through the the use of two metrics.

One is CPM (cost per mille) this is more appropriately the revenue per thousand impressions of your add. We can loosely define an impression as a single instance of an ad displayed to a viewer.

The other metric is CPC (cost per click). This is how much an advertiser will pay you whenever your website visitor clicks a link. The link will benefit the advertiser by either taking the website visitor to a website, product page or information page.

,the price advertisers are willing to pay for CPM and CPC vary based on the quality of your traffic. The more specific your viewers are in relation to your advertisers target market, the more they’ll pay.

The average price of a CPM is $1.5. This means as the website owner, you’ll earn $2 for every 1000 website visitors the ad appear before. And the average price for a CPC is $1. You’ll earn a dollar every time a website visitor clicks your advertisers link.

These two metrics are not all as they seem. For CPM, you have to have content so rich it attracts a large audience to see it often. Fail to continuously impress them then you’ll loose your website visitors and your ad revenue.

The CPC metric rates are based on your various characteristics of your audience. If your audience has the specific demographic and physographic characteristics that your advertisers need, then you will certainly be paid a higher rate CPC.

A very specific audience would bring in good advertising revenue though that means there will be a small group of these individuals and there are few advertisers will to selling exclusively to them.

If you accumulate a large audience, it is possible to have specific groups amongst your viewers who maybe targeted with specific adverts but this means you’ll have to spend alot of resources to satisfy this broad audience.

The last thing you want to be doing on your website is using ads. I placed ads all over my website and I thought it would make me money. It doesn’t work. That’s how I started off and you shouldn’t.

I put ads all over my job board, and I thought I’d make money. Doesn’t work.

2. You are not selling your own products or services

Selling a product or service generates a large profit margin than most other online revenue ventures.

You could offer your own services or sell an e-commerce product produced yourself or by any other business.

Creating your own product will bring in much more revenue than selling for others. You could create and sell an ebook or trade your expertise and experience in your industry as consultation services.

Whatever you choose, you have to be passionate about it and your website visitors should need it.

The best way to know what your uses need is to ask them what problem you can help them solve. The more user feedback you receive, the better you can tailor the product or service to satisfy their needed.

There are a number of tools you can use to create surveys or questionnaires. Request users to fill out the forms on your website, through email or by phone call. Ask them, they will tell you.

When you start selling products and services, keep in touch with your customers to know how they are getting on with your product. This feedback will give your valuable insight to continue improving your products.

This is a simply way to turn your website into a revenue generating machine, by creating a product that solves their problem.

Not selling your own products or services, could be why your website isn’t making you money.

3. You are attracting the wrong audience

If you are running ads or selling products or services, you will not make any significant revenue unless you are attracting the right audience in reasonable numbers.

Your website could well be attracted an audience that isn’t interested in purchasing your product or service. Your audience could be on your website to discover free tips and tricks in your niche.

This type of audience will keep returning to your site but not to purchase. Unless if you have a great display ad process going for you, you’ll never make any money from them.

Your audience may be incapable of purchasing your products or services. If you do not ship your products to their location, then this audience will not purchase from you.

There are a number of tools, strategies and methods used by small business owners to attract the right audience to their website.

Apart from getting the right audience through the door, you have to conceive them to purchase. You have to know your audience and their purchasing habits in order to know how best to present your products or services.

Your audience should resonate with your branding message. Get the right audience and keep them coming back for more purchases.

When you learn have learnt how to get the right audience over to your website, grow that audience number to earn more revenue from it.

4. You are not building a relationship with your visitors before pushing the sale

It is very important to let your website visitors become comfortable with your business or brand before you can start the process of converting them into customers.

One way to achieve this is to first provide a free of charge quality product or book that demonstrates your capability of solve their problems with a quality solution.

Or you could offer the same product for a small fee. Once they buy, you will know that they are comfortable with dealing with you. Further more, your customer will be familiar with the payment methods your website offers which will make them more likely to purchase again.

When they realise they got a high value solution to their problem at a fraction of the price it should have been, then they’ll surely return for more purchases.

Provide them with excellent after sell support for your products or services. Offer them several ways to get in touch with you when they need your help.

Make it simple and easy for them to purchase, use and inquire about your low priced product. Build a strong relationship with them and they will return for more purchases.

This is when you can offer them full price products or services and even go premium price on them.

People buy from people they trust. Build a good relationship with your customers and your website will make you money.

5. Your website is poorly designed and your users are having a bad experience on it

You website could be pushing potential customers away.

Poor user experience accounts for a large number of reasons visitors do not stick around your website long enough to know of your products or make a purchase.

It usually take 59 seconds for visitors to promise never to return to your website. This is usually because of; –

  • they didn’t find what you promised them to get
  • they couldn’t figure out how to use your website
  • they are not comfortable with you and do not trust your business

This is Why Visitor Will Leave Your Website Within 15 Seconds and you can find solutions on how to minimise this.

If your visitors experience challenges when using your website, they may not stick around long enough to make a purchase or worse, they may never return. Your website will not make any money simply because of user experience.


Follow these tips and tricks and your website won’t just have visitors, but you’ll also have those visitors converting into customers.

If you like the tips and tricks shared, make sure you leave a comment below with any questions you have, Share it with those you know would benefit from these tips. I’m here to help your small business to grow and succeed.

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