Bungalow vs a Two-Story Home: Which Is Better to Own?

Often people find themselves in a dilemma when choosing between a bungalow (single story) or a double story home. This article will address the benefits and challenges of going with the bungalow or storied home.

There are a variety of ways to compare the advantages of a bungalow vs storied home. In part your choice will depend on your personal taste, cost of the plot (status of the neighbourhood), the size of the plot as well as your budget. But you will likely also consider the distinct benefits of each. Here’s a list of the benefits most often mentioned by my customers.

Many people believe that storied homes are more cheaper to construct since they require less foundation and roofing materials. The rooms on the ground floor don’t require a roof and the rooms on the upper floor don’t require a foundation. There is also some savings on plumbing and electrical wiring because of closer proximity of all the rooms in the house. However, storied homes require structural elements (beams and columns) to support the upper floor as well as stairs which can be expensive and consume space inside the home.

As it turns out the difference in cost of a bungalow Vs storied home is not really enough to make a decision based solely on cost. So what are the important differences that might affect your family?

Bungalow/ One-Story/ Single Story Benefits

  • There is more living space
    • You will not be installing a staircase that will swallow up at least 12sq.m of space on both the ground and upper floors.
    • You might need fewer bathrooms since inhabitants will not be required to move from one floor to another to access the facilities
  • More convenience
    • You don’t need to run up and down stairs to cook, clean, keep an eye on your children, do the laundry, or get a snack
  • Stairs can be dangerous, cumbersome or inconvenient
    • Safer for families with young children and better for older, mobility challenged people and/or pets.
    • You can grow old more easily and affordably in the same home you have always loved and lived in
  • Easier during an emergency
    • When evacuating for medical emergencies on a stretcher or during a fire, bungalows make every window and door a safe escape route
  • Less noise and more privacy
    • Less noise transmission, since sound does not travel through the walls of multiple rooms on the same floor as well as it travels between floors. This noise if from the TV or radio and foot traffic from the upper floor and stairs.
  • Easier and cheaper to mechanically cool
    • For those who wish to add an air-conditioning system to keep the house cool during the hot months of the year, a bungalow will be cheaper and easier to cool since all rooms flow into each other
    • Trees can provide more shade
  • Easier and cheaper to do repairs and cleaning
    • This is especially true for external works such as cleaning the gutters, repairing the roof or simply painting the external walls.
  • Less expensive to extend/ add onto the house.
    • For any future additions to the building, it is cheaper when done to a bungalow and much less time is required for the planning and construction works.
  • Easier to resell
  • Less costly to get planning permissions when you wish to construct

Storied/ Doubled storied/ Two-Story Benefits

  • Require less foundation, roof, plumbing and wiring which can lower the total cost
  • Greater separation of public and private spaces
    • More privacy for upper floor bedrooms, which is especially valued by parents and older children
  • Smaller footprint means more ground space for yard, car lot or swimming pool
  • You can have a bigger home (more floor space) on a smaller plot of land
  • Safer to open upper floor/ second story windows at night
  • Smaller roof to maintain
  • Better views from the upper floors/ second-story
  • Better for the environment, since less land is disturbed during construction
  • For the inhabitants, good exercise using the stairs everyday

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